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Find a Dentist Near Me, a New Dental Directory for Sydney

New Dental Directory launches in Sydney, Australia; Find a Dentist Near me, ( is more than a directory.

It includes:

  • A Panel of Experts that will answer your questions

  • An Informative blog of articles about all things dental

  • Case studies with video of actual true stories

  • A Directory of local dentists categorised by services and location.

Find a Dentist Near Me is new but the articles are promising and provide well thought out information on a variety of topics.

Find a Dentist Near Me Blog:

The articles are definitely not the usual “infomercial” style so favoured by other directories or blogs which usually push certain businesses who pay to be included in the article.

Here is a list of articles on the blog as at 31st July 2018

Visit the Blog

  • How to deal with Bad breath including Get a Quick Fix with Simple
  • Ingredients Found in Your Kitchen
  • Questions about Cosmetic Dentistry and a Real Case Study
  • What is Gum Disease and a whole lot of great tips
  • How You Can Have a Better Smile without Having Cosmetic Dentistry
  • To Floss or Not to Floss – That is the Question

Why We Like the Articles on Find a Dentist near Me

First, none of the articles are sponsored and in the case of “How you can have a better smile without cosmetic surgery”, it provides some excellent facial exercises that you can do at home and save money.

The article on Flossing was another interesting one. Every article we checked on dentist websites around the web, recommended flossing without any consideration of whether there is valid evidence to prove that it makes a difference. Find a Dentist Near Me actually discusses the topic in a rational way and refers to actual research.

It was quite a shock to discover out that the evidence supporting flossing turns out to be surprisingly thin according to the health experts who developed the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2015-2020. I recommend you read this article and make your own mind up.

Find a Dentist Near Me Has a Free Q & A and Panel of Experts

At the time we reviewed the site there were no questions put to the panel but it will be interesting to see how they handle them and we will check back in the near future to review this section (and of course report our findings to you).

Real Case Studies

The first case study is a real tear jerker and really highlights the danger that bad teeth and gum disease can become. In this short video series we meet a young woman, Alexandra, who was engaged for 3 years and never kissed her fiancée. Don’t worry, it has a happy ending but it is well worth watching.

How Find a Dentist Near Me Works

Finally, we tried the directory and it works! You choose the type of service you are looking for and a location and you are presented with some choices.

My only criticisms of it are, there are a lot more dentists in Sydney than the directory offered so the publisher has some work to do adding more dentists.

Secondly, the directory only covers Sydney at present, but we are informed it will be expanded, first to the other capital cities and then to the rural towns. That will be interesting, as there is a dearth of both dentists and doctors in rural Australia, but Find a Dentist Near Me should help rural users find their nearest provider, when it is fully functional.

Find a Dentist Near Me, is not a non-profit endeavour and offers a premium listing that costs money, but from what we see, it could be worth it, both for users and for dentists.

A premium listing provides more information, a video, an article about the service being promoted and better contact information. It gives the user more information thus making their choice easier.

From the dentist’s perspective, it provides a number of benefits including:

  • An authority backlink to their website
  • As only 10 dentists can be featured on page 1 of Google and most people never venture beyond page 1, it gives dentists another option to be found, especially if Find a Dentist Near Me, appears on page 1 for most searches.
  • After just two weeks, it is currently bouncing around between page 1 and page 3 which is not bad for a new website, but it is something to watch.
  • The premium listing gives the dentist more control over their presentation and can help with branding.
  • We recommend trying to get on the panel of experts, as that is a great way to increase your brand and get more visibility.

Is Find a Dentist Near me a Good Resource or Just Another Directory?

Our view is, it has a lot of promise but some way to go yet. We would like to see it expand to cover at least all of New South Wales as soon as practicable. The quality of the articles is good to very good and we will check back to see if the standard is maintained.

We think it is a good resource for dentists but mainly for those with a premium listing, as that will provide better branding, better SEO (search engine optimisation) and a better opportunity for readers to get a good understanding of what you do and why they should choose you.

We think the panel of experts and the Q & A section is a terrific idea and could prove very helpful to users, who don’t want to pay to see a dentist to ask their questions. It will also be good kudos for those on the panel and we wouldn’t be surprised if they get more leads as a result of being on it, which is probably part of the appeal.

There is no shortage of dental directories, but there was also a lot of search engines before Google came on the scene. There is always room for companies that do the same thing as others, only better.

We think, Find a Dentist Near Me is off to a good start and we will watch it’s progress with interest. You should too.

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